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Customized Solutions / Climate & Refrigeration / Processes

Technical demands are made again and again of our products, which cannot be fulfilled by off the shelf products.
The solutions are fulfilled by custom made aircool equipment. The 1500 machines produced and installed at our customers over the last 23 years, speak for themselves.

We like special challenges
Specialty machines, whether for medical uses or low temperatures - our in-house manufacturing covers the entire range of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, even for the most unusual application.

Our series products achieve clearly better noise levels than similar competitors' machines. Extremely low noise requirements of compact air-cooled units to 34 dB (A) at 5 m distance can be easily fulfilled. Also in the building of control cabinets, the desires of our customers are accurately realized. Our technicians and software specialist are well aware of the company standards of the automotive industry.

For machines which are in use year round, the "free cooling" is a substantial contribution to energy and operating cost savings. Only with our special purpose machines can extremely low noise requirements and high cooling capacity be attained. Integrated or separate pump modules are manufactured to specification. The cold and cooling water pipe work system of the modules can, when desired, be made of stainless steel.