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Kältetechnik aircool GmbH and Daikin Applied / McQuay:
Milestones of a strategic partnership

1954 …the US-based Westinghouse Electric company enters the refrigeration business and manufactures the world's first turbo-compressor with up to 4,500 KW capacity.

1972 …McQuay introduces the dual liquid chillers with two turbines and a cooling capacity of up to 9,000 KW per unit.

1975 …the “Templifier” turbo water chiller series were introduced in the market as a technical sensation.

1981 …the innovative Westinghouse refrigeration division became McQuay – the American company manufactures liquid chillers in Italy for the European market.

1984 …McQuay, the first manufacturer in the industry to upgrade its reciprocating compressors with two speed ranges for better energy efficiency.

1986 …on the 1st of April, Bruno Trost was registered as managing director and owner of Kältetechnik aircool GmbH in the Commercial Register.

With the delivery of a 2-MW turbo-McQuay chiller to Siemens, a competitor was ousted and a breakthrough in the market was achieved.

1986 to 1990 …the young company continues to expand at the site of the former Westinghouse office in Munich, thanks to the tireless Bruno Trost.

1991 …aircool and McQuay were the first companies in the industry to introduce chillers with the security refrigerant R134a.

1992 …aircool developed standardized air-cooled liquid chillers with ammonia and dry expansion.

1993 …the sales office in Dresden was opened.

1994 …aircool extended its proprietary ammonia liquid chillers with a “free cooling” option.

1995 …celebration of its 1,000th unit sold.

1997 …aircool introduces its own software, developed in-house, for aircool refrigeration installations with optional remote monitoring.

1999 …McQuay make use of R410a, one the most environmentally friendly high-performance refrigerants for the first time with industrial screw compressor liquid chillers.

2000 …in September, the groundbreaking for the new headquarters in the commercial area New Munich Trade Fair took place.

2001 …aircool moves into new headquarters in Munich, built utilizing all the latest energy saving methods.

2002 …aircool supports and sponsors the “Jugend forscht” / young scientists competition in a fuel cell project in automotive air conditioning.

2004 …the aircool subsidiary acr chiller rent GmbH is started: The additional business segment of rental cooling and accessories is in this way independent.

2005 …as McQuay’s first European representative, aircool upgraded a turbo chillers to the new Microtec II controller.

2006 …aircool the first company in Germany to put a McQuay turbo chiller with a variable frequency drive into operation.

2007 …aircool receives the WMC-certification for commissioning, maintenance and repair of the “Turbocor” compressor equipped series.

2008 …aircool presents, at the industry's leading trade fair in Nuremberg “Chillventa” live and in operation the McQuay chiller “McEnergy Inverter”, a frequency-controlled, air-cooled screw chiller with optimal full-and partial load COPs.

2009 …aircool implemented, Europe wide as the first McQuay partner, a reference installation of water-cooled chillers of the WMC series with magnetically levitated turbo-compressor in the Space Center IABG Ottobrunn (Munich).

2010 …CEO Trost presents at the Nuremberg “Chillventa” on the aircool-McQuay fair stand, the all-new, magnetically levitated turbo-compressor of the McQuay “Magnitude” WME-series exclusive as the European premiere under operating conditions.

2011 …again aircool as the first German company, receives WME certification in the USA. In the same year Kältetechnik aircool GmbH marks it’s 25-year anniversary.

SuperMUC: The SuperMUC at the LRZ in Munich is going up to the starting line. Aircool McQuay liquid chillers provide assured cooling for the fastest high performance computers in Europe.
Chillventa: Chillventa 2012 aircool puts a magnetic bearing Turbo chiller into live operation & provides deep insights into the insides of the refrigeration unit through live pictures …

Name change: From April 01, 2014 onwards, McQuay is called Daikin Applied. aircool is like in the past factory distributor for all Daikin Applied / McQuay products.

Since 1986, the small specialist became one of the leading companies in industrial refrigeration supply. None of the German competitors have more experience and know-how with Daikin Applied / McQuay products than aircool.