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Co-operation Partner

Daikin Applied / McQuay Europe
Daikin Applied / McQuay international, the second largest manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment worldwide, is one of the leading suppliers of 5 to 9,485 kW units which are technically flexible and high-performance solutions. Products proven through decades, and know-how for refrigeration and air conditioning systems are applied in many demanding professional applications. All Daikin Applied / McQuay customers are cared for in the best way possible by the aircool team from the first contact, through to commissioning of newly installed machines as well as the after sales service.

acr chiller rent GmbH
acr chiller rent GmbH,  a subsidiary of the Kältetechnik aircool GmbH has achieved a reputable position among the leading German-speaking businesses in the rental of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and emergency power technology. In the specialty areas of rental refrigeration applications, such as large scale or extreme low temperature equipment, acr has a unique selling proposition. Through excellent services and support, acr assures the best possible care for its customers.