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This is how you can best protect your investment:
Inspection, maintenance and repair

The inspection is intended to capture, and determine the current state of your system. This includes testing, measuring and assessing the characteristics.

Maintenance focuses on the preservation of the preferred condition.
Beyond the normal contents of an inspection, simple additional activities such as the adjustment, lubrication, preserving or cleaning are also performed. In our concept, maintenance is the core of servicing. For this reason, in all our activities, maintenance gets a special significance.

As a final stage of maintenance, the restoration of the preferred condition comes round course, to corrective maintenance. Here, all necessary measures are undertaken to get your equipment back into the best possible working condition. Great care and fast delivery of spare parts always get our special attention.

To ensure efficient customer service, our qualified service team regularly attends both internal and external training. As an authorized Daikin Applied / McQuay distributor we have comprehensive know-how of their machines available to us. Equally, however, we service equipment across all brands, to provide you with the service that you want.

The service team is constantly in contact with the Operations Center, which shortens reaction times and speeds up the delivery of spares. In over 96% of all cases we respond to customer service calls on the same day or the next morning.